Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Census Report: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Survey

Community consciousness depends upon connectivity. Companies located in them and people living in them must be connected to high-powered information and communication systems. The Census Bureau just released its 2005 ICT survey results. Interesting stuff!
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Supplemental to the current Annual Capital Expenditure Survey (ACES), the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Survey collects investment figures related to technology falling below a company's capitalization threshold. This survey is sent to a sample of approximately 46,000 private non-farm employer businesses operating in the United States.
The ICT survey collects industry-level data for two equipment categories of non-capitalized expenses (purchases and operating leases/rental payments) and two software categories of non-capitalized expenses (purchases and licensing and software service/maintenance agreements).
There are four types of ICT equipment and software (computer and peripheral equipment; ICT equipment excluding computers and peripherals; electromedical and electrotherapeutic apparatus; and computer software (including payroll for developing software). Companies report data for industries in which they operate and incur non-capitalized expenses. Industries in the survey are comprised of 3-digit and selected 4-digit North American Industry Classification System codes.
The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), Federal Reserve Board, Bureau of Labor Statistics and industry analysts use these data to evaluate future productivity and economic growth prospects. In addition, the proposed survey provides improved source data significant to the BEA's investment component of gross domestic product, capital stock estimates, capital flow tables and permits the reconciliation of important differences between reported production and consumption of technology.
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